NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — An evacuation was called for a Garden District school after the Sewerage and Water Board accidentally cut a gas line in the area.

New Orleans District B Councilwoman Leslie Harris tweeted out a statement sent to the public from McGehee and Little Gate located at the corner of St. Charles Ave. and First Street, reading:

“S &WB accidentally cut a gas line near campus. Students in Benjamin Hall, the Alumnae House and Abby Hall were evacuated to the Prytania Street side of campus and are currently safe.”

McGehee and Little Gate

Officials say it will take some time for Entergy to cap the line so out of caution, they closed the campus for the day. Work is in progress at the corner of First and St. Charles and can not be accessed by vehicles.

“All LG and LS carpool pickup will take place along Phillip Street. All MS and US carpool will take place along Prytania. Please proceed to pick up your students. We apologize for the inconvenience,” McGehee and Little Gate school officials.

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