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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Organizers of the “NOLATOYA” recall efforts said they have officially turned in the paperwork signifying enough people have signed the recall petition.

A minimum of 49,000 signatures were needed and 20 percent of the registered voters had to sign the petition.

The campaign believes they actually need fewer signatures because they wanted inactive voters. Names of individuals who have died, or moved out of Orleans parish were taken off the active voter list.  Organizers claim there were around 25,000 inactive voters.

The NOLATOYA organizations posted to their social media accounts that at 3 p.m. they met the deadline to turn in all official paperwork signifying the needed amount of names were accounted for.

Last week, organizers filed a lawsuit against Orleans Parish Registrar Sandra Wilson and Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin, to get the inactive voters removed. The lawsuit blocks the Secretary of State from counting the petition signatures until a new minimum is established. organizers must turn in a duplicate copy of signatures to the Times-Picayune newspaper after a court settlement was reached earlier this month.

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