NEW ORLEANS—The City of New Orleans has released more than 3,000 documents pertaining to the Smart Cities feud between the mayor’s office and the city council.

On Wednesday, Orleans Civil District Court Judge Sidney Cates IV denied the city’s request to block the council’s subpoena of the documents.

The 3,400 pages include emails from two of the Cantrell administration’s senior officials.

Read the emails below: (click the three white lines at the top left to view larger)

Yesterday, the council voted to hold Chief of Staff Cliff Davis and Head of Governmental Affairs Art Walton in contempt. In addition to these emails, the council also requested all documents related to the Smart Cities deal including text messages and notes.

The Mayor’s office also released this statement:

“The Office of the Mayor is complying with the City Council’s inquiry by releasing the documents they have requested. In addition to the City Council, these documents are also being released for public inspection.”