NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The New Orleans Public Schools system is seeking your input on re-drawing district lines.

“We are starting now with the public meetings,” said Courtney Washington with Nola Public Schools. “We are set to have draft maps available by February or March.”

The change could impact who your school representative is.

Right now, there are seven school districts in New Orleans. Each one has a single board member.

In 2020, each district’s population ranged from 48,000 to 58,000 people. The ideal district population is said to be 54,000. That’s why boundary lines are being re-drawn.

“This is a process that is done every ten years as part of the release of the U.S. census data and the goal is to make sure the districts have equal population representation,” said Washington.

Kevin Griffin-Clark says the issue with the schools isn’t population size.

“I don’t necessarily think it will make it any more fair than it is because the mindset of the people who are running the district has to change,” said Griffin-Clark. “To make it fair, that’s their job. Moving a line over a block or two won’t necessarily change that.”

There are plenty of public meetings to attend so you can voice your opinion. Click HERE to see them.