NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The New Orleans Police Department began to pull additional officers to patrol the city over the weekend in an effort to lower the police response time.

On Sunday (Sept. 25), the NOPD assigned 75 more officers to patrol the streets with a mission to “attack the backlog of the very district they are serving.” New Orleans Mayor Cantrell released a statement on the deployment of the additional officers.

“Today is a pivotal day for the NOPD and a step forward for the public safety for the people of New Orleans, as we have officially added more highly trained officers to help patrol our neighborhoods and reduce overall response times,” said Mayor Cantrell.

She added that the deployment is a game changer.

“For several weeks, I have worked with Chief Ferguson to address the needs of our police officers. I am encouraged by the implementation of these additional patrols, in addition to many other game-changing policy and procedural changes that are underway as we continue reimagining policing in New Orleans. My administration remains committed to the advancement of the NOPD and the City of New Orleans. We have a world-class police department and will continue to deliver to ensure our officers feel safe while ensuring all residents and visitors are well protected.”

Along with the deployment of additional officers, the NOPD announced that they will be hiring civilians and police intake specialists. The civilians will be hired so the NOPD can have around-the-clock staffing for phone calls and online reports.

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