NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Employees at an Uptown Starbucks store joins more than 100 locations across the country on strike Wednesday morning, demanding change in several aspects of the company.

All morning, protestors at the Maple Street location have been stopping customers from crossing the picket line. The walkout is prompted by unfair union practices by the company.

Starbucks released a statement saying:

“We encourage Workers United to live up to their obligations by responding to our proposed sessions and meeting us in person to move the good faith bargaining process forward.”

In response the union stated:

“Starbucks has refused to negotiate with us at every opportunity, and don’t just take my word for it — the National Labor Board is currently prosecuting Starbucks for failing to bargain in good faith with our union at over 20 stores.”

In earlier March, the National Labor Relations Board found the company guilty of violating federal law in its efforts to stop the store from unionizing. The organizers at the Maple Street store are looking to solve other problems like the lack of staffing.

“We’re hoping we can push forward negotiations. Starbucks has been pushing that back to where the union can’t really operate and ask for the things that we’re trying to bargain for. We’re also hoping to draw a lot more awareness to our situations and engage more with the community,” said Barista Caitlyn Pierce.

The employees plan to keep up the protest through at least noon Wednesday.

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