NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — NOLA Coalition rolled out a new bi-weekly dashboard tracking New Orleans Police Department recruitment and retention numbers.

The data reported, with current trends, the NOPD could expect to have 1,195 officers by 2030.

The goal in 2023 is to add 150 officers, which the New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation believes is attainable.

“Moral is better because of the take-home cars and pay incentives,” NOPJF Chair Elizabeth Boh said. “I think generally overall there’s just more of an interest in NOPD and the things they’ve implemented have made recruiting more attractive.”

The NOPD also continues to battle attrition.

“In reality, that do nothing scenario, which means attrition stays at 15% and we never get recruitment above 120, it would probably be a slow decline and then a collapse because at some point it’s just not safe to be an officer,” GNO Inc. CEO Michael Hecht said. “That’s bad news.”

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