NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Are you a teen or tween who likes to read? If so, you are eligible to get a ride to the library for free for a limited time. On Tuesday, the New Orleans Public Library announced a new initiative, called ” The Teen Read and Ride program,” meant to remove the transportation barrier for youth who would like to visit the library this summer.

“Getting from place to place independently can be a huge hurdle for young people who aren’t old enough to drive or who don’t have access to a vehicle,” said Shannan Cvitanovic, Executive Director of the Friends of the New Orleans Public Library.

She added, “By providing free RTA passes, we hope to not only remove a financial burden but also encourage youth to come into the Library in their free time.” The free youth RTA pass can be used for 24 hours and can be picked up at any of the library locations. The passes will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Participants must be ages 11 to 18 to receive a pass.

The New Orleans Public Library encourages teens and tweens to be a part of a variety of programs that are offered. “The Library is so much more than just a place for books, reading, or homework. We have dedicated
spaces for teens in many of our locations, with access to activities, technology, or simply welcoming and
comfortable places to be,” said Emily Painton, the City Librarian and Executive Director.

The funding for the passes comes from United Way, Baptist Community Ministries, and the Friends of the New Orleans Public Library.