NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — One of New Orleans’ biggest homeless encampments is now empty.

The area near Tchoupitoulas Street is now being patrolled to make sure no one trespasses.

Office of Homeless Services and Strategy Director Nathaniel Fields says his office has found permanent housing for 31 of the people who were living in the encampment, while five are still awaiting housing.

“The Office of Homeless Services will continue to do the second location [under the Pontchartrain Expressway] with one of our partners, throughout the continuum,” said Fields.

According to Fields, the office is moving in the right direction despite having several barriers.

Unity and nonprofit partners are continuing to work together to secure subsidized housing for former encampment members.

“We are making the strives in the directions that we need to,” said Fields. “As we continue doing this work and doing this work at a high level, we have hopes that we can get more individuals connected to housing and housing resources.”

Funds are coming from a federal grant as well as from local nonprofits.

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