Disclaimer: All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office announced the conviction of the man arrested for his involvement in a 2018 case of human trafficking and second-degree murder.

Officials with the DA’s Office said the conviction of Christopher White was secured through the collaborative effort with detectives with the New Orleans Police Department.

In a conference held Friday, Oct. 20, officials said through an investigation, detectives were able to obtain surveillance video from multiple sources to create an accurate depiction of the incident, leading up to the death of Charles Lee.

Additionally, Detective Eddie Williams with the Digital Forensic Unit reportedly used up-to-date technology to collect evidence and records from White’s cell phones collected after his arrest in Florida. The evidence revealed his involvement in the reported trafficking of two women.

The DA’s Office was able to locate the victims who testified against White in court.

“This case came to us as yet another tragic episode where an innocent life was senselessly taken. It was through the meticulous work of Detective Michael Poluikis that a comprehensive understanding of the incident was pieced together. This was made possible by utilizing numerous public and private surveillance footage around the crime vicinity, leading to a secured arrest,” said Chief of Homicide Matthew Derbes.

Officials said the actions taken by the prosecution team were able to bring justice to the families of Lee and the two women.

DA Jason Williams called the work done by Derbes “heroic.”

White now faces a possible life sentence for Lee’s murder and up to 90 years for human trafficking and construction of justice.

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