NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The City of New Orleans announced that a new pedestrian hybrid beacon signal has been activated in the Mid-City neighborhood on Monday, Oct. 9.

City officials said the new beacon is located in the 400 block of North Carrollton Avenue and will replace the rapid flashing beacon system installed in 2015.

They said the new system will be in full operation on Monday, Oct. 16. Until then, drivers can expect the system to operate in a flashing mode aligned with protocols designed to make drivers aware of the beacon’s presence.

City officials said pedestrians and bikers should continue using the rapid flashing beacons during the flashing period.

When the system is in full operation, city officials said residents can expect the following:

  • “Motorists traveling on North Carrollton Avenue should expect the beacons to light up when a trail user has pressed the activation button on the sidewalk indicating a need to cross the street.”
  • “Unlike the previous flashing beacon system, the new beacons will cycle to an all red phase after a few seconds and motorists are required to come to a full stop.”

For more information, residents can visit the city’s website.

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