NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On Friday, the New Orleans City Council President Helena Moreno released information regarding violent crime in the city. The report indicated that murders across the city are up by 43 percent. In addition to an increase in violent crime, the report said the New Orleans Police department’s response time is 40 minutes slower than usual.

“NOPD’s average response time to calls for service for emergency incidents is roughly twice as long for District D and E (41 and 50 minutes) compared to Districts A, B, and C (approximately 24 minutes),” stated Council President Moreno.

The city recorded 147 murders through June, they said that is the highest first-half total since hurricane Katrina. City officials proposed steps the New Orleans Police Department can take to improve response times and officer manpower. Moreno proposed three steps that can be taken immediately.

Here are the steps that were proposed:

  • Reorganize and Redeploy Current Police Force
  • Civilianization
  • Online Police Reports
  • Lateral Transfers

See the full report: