NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – A home invasion suspect is under arrest, thanks to the swift action of some Mid-City neighbors.

New Orleans police say 50-year-old Alfonse Moore was involved in a nearby altercation before running onto Banks Street, near its intersection with S White Street, and breaking into a couple’s house at about 6 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Neighbors reportedly heard the commotion and detained Moore until NOPD arrived.

Debbie Blacksher, a nearby neighbor, says this was an unusual occurrence because their block is typically quiet.

“I was shocked. I really was because what we’ve also noticed was that I have this screen under my house, you know, it’s like an entry hole, that was pulled out, so I don’t know if the perpetrator tried to get under there,” Blacksher said.

Later in the day Wednesday, a crew worked to repair the damage done to the house during the break-in.

“For [Moore] to go to this third house here, bust open… that’s a sliding glass door,” Blacksher said.

Blacksher says she wasn’t surprised to hear about her neighborhood’s involvement.

“Now, I watch out for everything; of course, I’ve lived here,” Blacksher explained. “These neighbors across the street, they’re elderly people. They’re on the porch all the time, so they have eyes and ears out.”

Blacksher is now hoping to start a neighborhood watch.

“You know, get everybody together and just keep your eyes and ears open, especially for each other,” Blacksher said. “We have to.”

Neighbors say the homeowners sustained minor injuries but are expected to be okay.