NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Friday, Sept. 22 marked Michelle Woodfork’s last day as Interim Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department.

Woodfork assumed the position after previous chief Shaun Ferguson’s retirement in December of 2022.

During Woodfork’s first 100 days, crime statistics showed a downward trend in murders and robberies but high numbers in non-fatal shootings. She credited the success in rates to her stratiegic plan to increase public safety.

Woodfork has been in the running to take on the job permanently, until now.

After months of searching and interviews, the candidate pool was narrowed down to six qualified candidates and then to three, including Woodfork. Recently, Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced her nomination for the permanent position was former chief of police in Oakland, California, Anne Kirkpatrick.

“Under my leadership, we will only hire the best of the best. You don’t lower standards, you raise standards, and when you raise standards, you will have people in line to come in that door,” said Kirkpatrick.

If Cantrell’s nomination is approved, then Woodfork will remain with the NOPD as a part of Kirkpatrick’s team.

Kirkpatrick will assume the interim position for the time being.

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