NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Neighbors in the Irish Channel are living in fear of a power pole falling on Constance Street near St. Mary’s Church.

“The pole looks like it’s coming down in my window,” Willie Mae Sterling said.

She lives on Constance Street near St. Mary’s Church at the Redemptorist Elderly Apartments across the street from this leaning power pole.

“It is getting worse. It is leaning more and more every day. Of course, I am scared,” she said.

She says it looks like it is about to fall any day now. Of course, Willie Mae and her neighbors have called Entergy about the danger.

“Nothing. We call and they will say they will send someone out, but never,” she said.

She says she has her theories as to why the pole is leaning.

“They did not dig that hole deep enough,” she said.

Neighbors say the pole has fallen once before, so they are expecting it to fall once again.

“The first one fell and went through a window across the street, Isaac Smallwood, Neighbor said.

Another neighbor Richard Jones said, “It is scary. Look how far it is leaning. Look at the angle, like a 45-degree angle. It won’t take much for the wind to come and blow that thing down,” he said.

Jones said another concern he has, “It is going to explode. Wires shooting fire everywhere. You know how much voltage comes out of those wires.”

A pole on the edge of falling, leaving them all on edge.

“They need to do something before someone gets killed if it falls,” Smallwood said.

“It is coming down. I hope to God that no one will be here to get hurt,” Sterling said.

Entergy said they went out to inspect the pole, and will be replacing the pole by the end of this week.

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