METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — Oral Surgery Services in Metairie and Northlake Oral & Facial Surgery in Mandeville, has teamed up with Bicycle World of Louisiana and Trek Bicycle Mandeville for the first-ever Heads Up NOLA campaign. The initiative was created to encourage the public to wear a helmet when biking.

Cyclists and the community is asked to sign a pledge stating they would protect their heads by October 6 to receive 100 free, fitted helmets at each practice. The action of wearing a helmet while cycling can prevent the risk of head trauma and dental injuries.

Click the location closest to you to sign the pledge. Officials will be at the distribution site to ensure it fits properly. Helmets can be picked up:

Both businesses provided facts on the benefits of wearing a helmet:

  • Helmets reduce injuries to the face by 27%.
  • The risk of a serious brain injury is lowered by 33% when a child wears a helmet.
  • Wearing a helmet reduces the risk of head injuries by at least 45%.
  • Bicycle fatalities are 29% less likely to occur when wearing a helmet.
  • 88% of high school students reported never or almost never wearing a helmet in a 2013 study.
  • Children are more likely to wear helmets when they see others doing so.