NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Loved ones and neighbors gathered at Beacon Light Church on Saturday, Nov. 4 to say their final goodbyes to the three children who lost their lives in a house fire in New Orleans East in October.

“It was such a tragic loss, and no mother should have to go through anything like that,” says New Orleans resident Joyce.

Joyce said she made it her duty to show up to the funeral during this difficult time for the mother.

“I felt it was important to show the family that they have support despite such a tragic loss. I just had to come by. I just want her to know I am praying that God to gives her courage and comforts her,” says Joyce.

Clarence Louis has one message for the family on their road to recovery.

“Be strong. You know, the whole family, be strong. Everything is going to be alright. The Lord is going to take care of you all. All you have to do is have faith in the Lord,” said Louis.

As the family continues to grieve, those along America Street want the family to know they are just one call away.

“They are not alone. We are here with them. We’re here for them. We’re praying for them. All we want to do is show support, and throw our arms around her,” said America Street Committee member Delores Trotter.

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