NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Attorneys with Nicole Burdett, the former law partner of Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams, have filed for an acquittal after she was convicted of tax fraud last month.

On Monday, Burdett’s attorneys, Mike Magner and Averee Pardee released a document detailing why her guilty verdict should be overturned. The document claims the evidence in the trial was insufficient for the verdict, adding that the conviction relied on assumptions made against her because of the charges against Williams. Read the full document in the reader below.

The motion comes after a seven-day trial that accused Burdett and Williams of defrauding the U.S. government of more than $250,000 with the help of their tax preparer, Henry Timothy. Although both Burdett and Williams were acquitted of their shared charges, Burdett was convicted of four separate charges related to tax fraud.

Following the verdict issued on July 28, Burdett’s legal team issued a statement that their client was used as collateral damage and that Burdett was asked to testify against Williams in exchange for immunity. A letter released by the law office shows details some of the exchange between the counsel and lead prosecutor Kelly Uebinger dating back to December 2019.