NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A French Quarter kitten now has a forever home in Florida thanks to one couple visiting the city.

While in town for a friend’s wedding in early march, Sam and Lyn Kuhn of Palm Coast, Florida, quickly made a friend with a community cat near their Airbnb. The two said the orange, scruffy cat would watch them come and go and one day approached them basically begging for food.

The couple gave it sushi the first day and from then on they gave him a meal every day up until they left. Neighbors told them the cat didn’t belong to anyone and the two started to worry about it.

“We wondered how he would survive,” the Kuhns said. “Who would continue to leave him food and water? What happens if he got sick or hit by a car? Who would take care of him or even know if he gets injured? We felt we had to do something.”

The worry prompted the Kuhn’s to contact Humane Society of Louisiana Executive Director Jeff Dorson to whom they explained their attachment to the community cat and asked to possibly locate and hold it until they returned.

“With our city overrun with stray animals, especially cats, and kittens, we are delighted to reduce our city’s population by one,” Dorson said. “We also thought that this unusual union is rather magical and truly a one-in-a-million adoption story.” 

Dorson agreed and with the help of volunteer pet detective, Mandy Rice, an hour later the cat was captured. Rice was given directions to drop the cat off at Dog Day Afternoon where Dr. Saaks checked out the cat and gave vaccines.

Sam Kuhn plans to make the trip to NOLA on Saturday (March 25) to pick up the cat who the couple has named Sushi, in honor of their first meal together.

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