NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — It was a good day in federal court as a hearing on the NOPD’s status with the consent decree, was held Wednesday morning. Federal monitors say they’re pleased with the department’s progression, pointing out several areas the NOPD has improved that are being re-audited.

“We strive for progress every day – it was great to hear the federal monitor speak to the fact that we are continuing to build on what we have built on,” said NOPD Chief Shaun Ferguson.

But, a lack of manpower continues to be a key issue.

“A major piece that we are really trying to push and address is a recruitment retention piece,” said the City’s Administrative Officer Gilbert Montano. “We have provided a proposal both to the civil service commission and to the council trying to in conjunction with professional, consultants attract police officers.”

“It is a national issue and we are all aware of that but we are all doing our due diligence at every level to retain who we have and then recruit more,” the chief added.

Supply chain issues are also proving hard on policing. Many NOPD officers are doubling, if not tripling up in their patrol cars.

Federal monitors say the lack of driveable units is keeping officers off the streets.

“That will be a process, but that is something beyond our control and we continue to press forward with our vendors to get it in,” said Chief Ferguson in response to the lack of police units.

He believs the consent decree has made his department better and looks forward to growing even more.

“What we have become as a result of the consent decree has really helped us become better recruiters because now we can say we are the best when it comes to constitutional policing,” said Chief.

The next hearing for the consent decree will be November 9th at 3:00 p.m. in federal court.