NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Entergy Louisiana is asking state regulators to raise rates by more than five percent. The company is asking the Public Service Commission for permission to do it. This isn’t sitting well with a woman who says she’s trying to get Entergy to fix a big mistake.

Uptown resident Barbara Glenn has been going back and forth with Entergy, trying to settle a billing mix-up since July, but the problem seems to be getting worse.

She lives on Lyons Street and her big problem is with Entergy flip-flopping the meter readings between her Apartment #723 and her landlord’s Apartment #725.

“I am receiving her bill, and she’s receiving my bill,” Glenn said.

It is not a mail mix-up, but a billing mix-up that Glenn first noticed when her bill was significantly higher.

“I’m not using that amount of wattage, there’s no way that I’m using that amount of wattage,” she said.

Her landlord’s place is bigger than hers. Glenn’s bill should be nowhere near $900, so she called Entergy representatives, and they kept putting in work orders, then canceling the work orders, and no one ever came out to help.

WGNO contacted Entergy and spokespeople said, “Someone is going out today to check out the meters at the location.”

“I need this to be done and then everyone pays. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist and I’m not trying to be funny. All I want to do is pay my bill correctly, that’s it,” she said.

In fact, Entergy did show up after we contacted them, so she’s confident there will be a resolution now.

As for the rate hike, if approved, Entergy Louisiana customers would start to see a 5.6% bill increase, which is about $6.75 a month. That rate increase would take place in September of 2024 if approved.

Entergy spokespeople said this will still keep the company’s rates below the national average.

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