NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — In Southeast Louisiana, people are accustomed to driving in thunderstorms, but dense fog mixed with smoke is another story.

Tuesday’s super fog caused several crashes and left one person dead, bringing back memories for driving instructor Gisela Chevalier, who was involved in the I-55 pileup in St. John the Baptist Parish in October.

“The smell of smoke was horrible, but as long as those fires in the marsh are not controlled, we are going to keep having the smoke,” says Chevalier.

While looking for ways to better prepare her students for situations like this, she noticed something about the Office of Motor Vehicle’s driving manual.

“I have been checking the Triple A because this is the book. There is nothing about super fog and zero visibility. Nothing about that kind of mix of smoke and fire,” says Chevalier.

Now, she is calling on more than just the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles to amend the state driving manual. She says it has to go further than just them.

“We may have to contact the legislators, to have them modify the laws that are already in existence or create a new law about when there is weather involving fog and support. Have something already in place for the road and drivers,” says Chevalier.

Chevalier is confident changes will be made but until then drivers need to be careful and add additional time to their commute for safety purposes.

“Take your time, keep your distance, and don’t tailgate. If you see that it’s no visibility or near to no visibility, just get out of the road. Once you are out of the road, turn your hazard lights on,” says Chevalier.

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