NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Some New Orleanians put their faith to work this Good Friday in hopes to fight the crime issues plaguing the city.

A revival happened in the streets on Friday (April 7) as a group of individuals including faith leaders such as Reverand Willie Calhoun marched from Chalmette all the way to Jackson Square with prayers going up for New Orleans.

“The only thing that’s going to stop the murders, the only thing that’s going to stop the crime is Jesus Christ. We can’t ask for peace and leave the Prince of Peace out,” said Pastor Andy Pellerano of One Accord Ministries.

The march had a symbolic start at the site of the Battle of New Orleans, the Chalmette Battlefield. The group made several stops along the way to pick up trash and to pray, an effort Councilman Oliver Thomas says welcomes peace.

“We’ve tried everything else. We’ve tried the police force, we’ve tried politicians, and mayors and councils. We’ve tried everything but to make sure that the church is the foundation for peace in our community,” said District E Councilman Oliver Thomas.

Once at Jackson Square the outdoor revival continued and the intentionality of the exercise on this day was evident. One marcher Dean Senseri says he and his wife were there to help change the atmosphere on this holy day

“This is so important on Good Friday because Jesus paid the price for us on the cross,” said Trevor Truitt of Celebration Church in Arabi.

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