NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — After Thursday’s meeting of the Mayor’s Mardi Gras Advisory Council, we know that Carnival 2023 will officially happen. However, it’s the ongoing shortage of New Orleans police officers, along with other issues, that mean continuing changes for next year’s parades — including superkrewe Endymion.

“Due to the manpower shortage we’re seeing across the country within the law enforcement community, we are going to do the exact same route that we did last year,” explained James Reiss with the advisory council.

“We’re happy to find out that we are going to start in Mid-City, and this year, we’re not going to be going to the Superdome, because the Dome will be under renovations. So we’re going to be moving to the Convention Center,” said Dan Kelly, president of Krewe of Endymion.

Kelly says that Endymion still has to work with the NOPD to determine how to get to the Convention Center, but says he and the krewe are excited to start the parade in a new location.

And despite changes being announced, New Orleanians say they can’t wait to celebrate.

“It’ll be fantastic. It’ll be just great, terrific!” said resident Eric Cahill.

“Without Mardi Gras, you don’t have New Orleans, you know?” added resident Cardwell Henderson. “One thing about New Orleans is we all hook up for Mardi Gras and spend time with each other.”

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