DISCLAIMER: All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— Four teenagers accused of the brutal Mid-City carjacking that fatally dismembered 73-year-old Linda Frickey appeared in Orleans Criminal Court Friday morning for a bond hearing. Ultimately, Judge Kimya Holmes, who called the case one of the most serious she’s seen as a judge, decided each suspect will continue to be held on a $1 million bond.

At 9 a.m., about half of the courtroom was filled family members of John Honore (17), Briniyah Baker (16), Lenyra Theophile (15), and Mar’Qel Curtis (15), all of whom are accused of stealing Frickey’s car and dragging her to her death back in March. Their attorneys had requested for the judge to reduce their bonds to as little as $50,000, excluding Honore who later withdrew his motion.

On the other side of the aisle sat about 20 of Frickey’s family members, all wearing purple bracelets with butterflied in honor of their late loved one. When the judge denied the bond reduction, loved ones told WGNO’s Amy Russo that it was a small victory in their push for justice.

“I would’ve jumped up for joy if I could’ve. She needed to keep that bond where it was, she really did,” Jinny-Lynn Griffin, Frickey’s sister explained. “We want all of these crimes to pay, these young adults be charged as adults, we want future children to realize that you can be charged as an adult.”

During the hearing, the lead detective on the case was questioned by prosecutors, then cross-examinded by the defense. In this, new details about the alleged crime emerged. The detective accused Honore of pepper spraying Frickey during the beating.

In the hearing, the judge also denied the defense attorneys motion to suppress evidence collected by the New Orleans Police Department.

Although family members believe justice is on the way they are still heartbroken by the tragedy.

“She got killed. She is gone. We will never see her again,” Frickey’s sister-in-law, Kathy Richard, explained. “That’s what’s sickening. She spent her last moments scared. She must’ve been so scared. And in pain and screaming — that’s the part that kills us.”

The trial for the carjacking is scheduled to begin on April 3, 2023 — just two weeks after what will be the one-year anniversary of Frickey’s death. All four teenagers will be tried as adults.

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