NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— On August 4, the AT&T foundation announced that they granted $50,000 dollars to the Center for the innovative Training of Youth, Inc to help support STEM NOLA’s Technology summer camp. The Center for the Innovative Training of Youth, Inc was founded in 2013 with the goal to engage, expose, and inspire future innovators, creators, makers, and entrepreneurs.

“At STEM NOLA, we are committed to cultivating confidence in young people and inspiring them to think big, to be innovative,” said Dr. Calvin Mackie, Founder of STEM NOLA. “The problem-solving skills students learn through our summer camp help build a foundation that prepares students to tackle challenges they face in life.”

The STEM NOLA Summer Camp provides low-income students of color with digital literacy and focuses on hands-on STEM activities to develop basic skills using three technology platforms. “This kind of collaboration between the business community and area organizations like STEM NOLA are critical to building better futures for our young people – and these programs plant the seeds for stronger, more thriving communities,” said State Representative Candace N. Newell.