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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — In the driver’s seat is Matt Wurnig.

He’s one man with one plan.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood wants you to know the plan is for Matt Wurnig to go on 50 Dates in 50 States.

Bill Wood says to Matt Wurnig, “And you call yourself the TikTok bachelor?”

Matt Wurnig says, “I do because I use TikTok as my main platform to connect with these girls, go on different dates in states and do all my traveling.”

Matt quit his job to go on the road.

All to go out with a girl from every state.

In Louisiana, it’s Kelley Downey.

Bill Wood says to Kelley Downey, “You said yes?”

Kelley Downey says, “I saw him pop up on my TikTok, six months ago, I just got out of a relationship, I figured, why not?”

Matt puts his cross country affection festival on wheels, online.

Bill Wood wonders, “Are you looking for love or likes?”

Matt Wurnig says, “What’s the difference, I’m getting a little bit of love either way, right?”

For a guy from Montana who got his college degree in sports management, he’s managed to take a chance.

Bill Wood, wonders, again, “If you don’t have a job, who pays for the date?”

The TikTok bachelor says, “I want to make sure I treat all my dates, I pick up the check.”

You can follow his adventures, just click right here, please.