NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A new ordinance will now force the City of New Orleans to do what private property owners are told all the time – clean up the blight.

The ordinance was passed during Thursday’s city council meeting. Council President Helena Moreno was the one who drew it up.

One of the city-owned properties at the intersection of City Park Avenue and Conti Street was covered in graffiti, had knee-high grass and the only thing keeping people “out” of it was an orange, plastic fence. That’s just one of many buildings in that condition throughout the city.

“They’re eyesores. They impact overall quality of life for people living in this area,” said Council President Moreno. “They potentially can reduce the property values of properties neighboring these blighted properties.”

The properties have stirred up concern among the public as well. During public comment at the city council meeting, a resident even commended the city for tackling the ongoing issue.

“We want property management to do an assessment of all of the city’s inactive properties and from that point on those that are in poor or dilapidated condition they need to come to the city council with an estimated cost to make sure they’re all boarded up, they’re all clean, they’re secure,” Moreno added.

Moreno says the city will work with property management to ensure upkeep on their properties. The ordinance also requires properties that are slated to be redeveloped to be maintained in the meantime.

Currently, there’s no available database that details each inactive property.

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