Disclaimer: All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On July 19, 2022, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a disturbance at an apartment complex on the 600 block of Highway 139. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the caller, 33-year-old Meyakie Kensean Burks, who advised authorities that an individual came to his residence in a black SUV and allegedly made attempts to fight him.

According to deputies, Burks mentioned that the black SUV left only after he and the individual had a verbal altercation. After authorities left the residence, they received a call from a nearby business that witnessed the shooting.

The business observed Burks allegedly chasing the black SUV, firing a handgun at the vehicle. Deputies obtained a video of the incident and learned that the testimony was true.

Authorities contacted Burks a second time and Burks advised deputies that he fired the handgun at the vehicle because he was in fear of the individual inside the SUV. Burks was then placed under arrest and transported to the Ouachita Correctional Center.

Deputies then made contact with a victim in the incident and they mentioned that an unidentified male arrived at the apartment complex looking for a residence when Burks allegedly began arguing with the victim. According to the victim, they were inside of the vehicle with four children when Burks allegedly began shooting at them.

Burks was charged with five counts of Aggravated Assualt with a Firearm and Illegal Use of Weapons or Dangerous Instruments. As of July 20, 2022, Burks was released from jail after posting a bond.