(KLFY) – A new study shows Louisiana among the top 5 states that are most dangerous for workers.

According to researchers at Venture Smarter, who ranked every state based on the average number of fatal work injuries that were reported, per 100,000 full-time workers, Louisiana is ranked fourth. The latest data pulled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the most recent fatality rates, as well as, which states have seen a year-on-year increase in deadly incidents.

While Wyoming is at the top with 10.4 fatalities a year, Louisiana comes in at fourth with 7.7 annual fatalities per 100,000 workers. That’s an increase of 31% over the previous year and 88% higher than the national average. Rhode Island came in as the safest state for workers, with only 1 fatal injury reported per 100,000 workers.

Top 5 Most Dangerous States for Workers

StateAnnual Fatalities per 100kChange from Previous Year
Wyoming10.4Decrease of 20%
North Dakota9Increase of 22%
Montana8Increase of 33%
Louisiana7.7Increase of 31%
Alaska6.2Decrease of 42%
Data from U.S. Bureau of Statistics, Gathered by Venture Smarter

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