MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – In efforts to unify and bring equal social improvements to Northeast Louisiana and throughout the state, the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus held a Town Hall meeting in the city of Monroe to enhance a list of issues and concerns in the community. Local state representatives say their mission is to fight for the minority community.

“We believe that the Alabama case is going to set its precedent and the tone for what would happen with other redistricting cases and resituated,” said Louisiana State Senate, Katrina Jackson. “The arguments have been that minorities make up one third of the population of the state. However, we only have one sit in congress. We have a few sits in the house of senate. They have been declining. It’s about equal representation.” 

During a redistricting meeting at ULM, Jackson says, local constituents stated that they felt like they didn’t have a fair representation. And one district in particular is district number five.

“There is no doubt about it that congressional district five was the major district talked about, and not even being an influenced district as it should be,” said Jackson. “It’s always been a district that’s been looked at and some of the major districts that’s been looked at and a couple of others, but it’s really centered around all our Northeast Louisiana and our representation.” 

State Representative, Adrian Fisher also addressed the community about other social improvements such as education, health to better serve the community. 

“It’s really about having the community engaged and come out to answer questions and they can talk to us so we can bring updated information about who we are,” said Fisher.