NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Happy Louisiana! Opening weekend of Louisiana crawfish season is here, and we have good news! The Crawfish App says on average, prices are down compared to this time last year.

With Mardi Gras celebrations coming to a close, mudbug season is about to be in full swing as people across the Bayou State flood restaurants and grocery stores looking to get their fix of Louisiana crawfish.

App co-founder Laney King says this same week in 2022, prices are down an average of 37 cents per pound! This is excellent news after word broke earlier this year that prices were up a whopping two dollars per pound compared to 2022.

In a week-to-week comparison, King adds that prices are holding at the same rate they’ve been at for the past several weeks, giving or taking a few cents. This week, crawfish lovers can expect to pay about $5.92 for boiled and $3.66 for a pound of live mudbugs.

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