LIVINGSTON, La. (BRPROUD) — A car accident on Wednesday could have easily turned into multiple, all because of unsafe drivers. Two members of the Town of Livingston Police Department were almost struck while assisting with the accident.

A deputy and officer both responded to an accident on Wednesday morning. The accident happened on Hwy 63, in Livingston Parish.

While navigating the scene, both the deputy and the officer were almost hit by passing vehicles. They say they were actually almost hit several times.

The Town of Livingston Police Department has this message for motorists who observe police at a crash scene.

When traveling on a Street, Parish Road, Or State Highway at dark and you approach a Car with Flashing Red, Blue, or Amber lights please slow down and proceed with caution. Proceed with the same caution as you would want someone to do if you or a loved one were standing in that roadway. We understand you have places to be, but also understand so do we, we have to go home at the end of our shift unharmed to our families.

This morning Livingston Police Department was working an accident on Hwy 63 near Montana St. Both the Deputy and Officer directing Traffic were both nearly struck by vehicles several times due to inattentive drivers. I’ll go ahead and address the comments and statements I feel are going to follow this post.
Yes I know it would be better if both officers were focusing directly on traffic control but understand this, at an accident scene most of the time we have 2 drivers, and several passengers. When injuries are involved that is several people in 2 locations at one time who need to be monitored by the Officer (typically one on scene) until medical personnel arrive. Once medical staff arrive on scene we the have to assist medical personnel, gather all information pertaining to the investigation, and insure the safety of all parties on the scene. Once all injuries are are treated we have to orchestrate the recovery of these vehicles with the least amount of impact to the traffic flow.