WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser made an appearance at the West Monroe Convention Center on Monday, November 6, to give updates on local tourism and other events.

The 54th Lieutenant Governor announced new and ongoing plans for the Louisiana Experience program across the state, but especially in Northeast Louisiana. He says he is looking for ways to invest in the future of tourism, starting with a travel initiative.

“We have a travel team that goes across the country in finding events to host. And we look at the hotel costs, their facilities. And Northeast Louisiana is perfectly pruned to get that business because of the costs of the hotels. Because those olympic trials can’t afford a big city hotel. So, it’s not a weekend thing. This is an opportunity where these people can stay and spend money for over a week’s period of time.”

The plan focuses on engaging and interacting with the community to get people to desire to travel. Nungesser says local museums, state parks, the west monroe sport complex and festivals are some of the unique features that will help contribute to the economy.

“One, I would like for our museum system to be up and running supporting every museum in the state, and give the power of the director back to those boards. You have to put a board together in each of those areas to have a passionate love for all the museums in that area. So, I want to get that done, and get that through the legislature this year. I want to clean up louisiana.”

And there is a new event currently cooking. Nungesser says the Louisiana Seafood Cook-off will be moved to the Twin Cities.

“I wasn’t even prepared to make that announcement today. I don’t keep a secret well. So, you heard it first. We are moving to Northeast Louisiana this year. That will fit into the event. It will be a great event to host there.”

Nungesser was recently re-elected. He says only time will tell what the future holds for him.

“I did considered governor this time. But i love my job. And I feel like I have so much more to do. I do love this state. I love the people. I work with the best people in the world. And as long as I have that love and passion, I’m happy where I’m at. Nobody knows what the future will bring, but I love what I do.”

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