JEFFERSON PARISH, La. (WGNO) — On Tuesday, fire departments in Lafitte received reports of a marsh fire behind Jean Lafitte Boulevard.

Chief Lintin Duet with the Lafitte-Barataria-Crown Point Volunteer Fire Department says he and his team began attempting to put the fire out, but it was difficult due to the dry, burning underbrush.

“Just escalated. It was big. It was widespread. Looking at probably over 100 acres of property in this point in time burning,” Duet said.

It wasn’t long until the wind shifted, sending the smoke toward residential areas and roads, causing visibility issues for drivers.

“Four o’clock in the morning and it put me late, big time late. Rough. The cops had to lead us through. If not, we would’ve run off the road,” Lafitte resident Ad Adams said.

With the smoke causing more problems as time went on, Duet says he called on nearby emergency response to help even utilizing helicopters and planes to drop gallons of water on the flames at once.

“We have been blessed to have our neighboring departments work so vigorously to help extinguish this fire and try to hit the hot spots. It’s all over the place. I mean this is a big area,” Duet said.

Since Thursday afternoon, Duet says the fire has been contained, and the smoke has been cleared and hopes it stays like that until it is officially extinguished.

“We thank Jesus that the smoke is gone, and our children are safe, and we trust in the Lord,” Lafitte reside McKee said.

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