METAIRIE,La. (WGNO) — The former Metry Cafe & Bar, located in Old Metairie has transformed into a restaurant that the owners like to call an “elevated dining scene.”Residents in the area can finish a day of shopping in Old Metairie and grab a bite, drink, or both at the first rooftop bar in Jefferson Parish called Parish Line Bistro.

The idea of the bistro was formed when owners Gabe Corchiani, John Georges, Mickey Parenton, and Saints GM, Mickey Loomis got together and brainstormed how the historical landmark could serve the people in the community. “We have been friends for a while and talked about always doing something in old Metairie and when this became available we purchased the property,” said Gabe Corchiani.

Corchiani said that four decided that they wanted to give residents a nice place to hang out and socialize in Jefferson Parish. “The rooftop is pretty unique for this area, you see some of them downtown of course, or uptown there are some nice rooftop bars but this is really unique and unusual for the Metairie area,” said Corchiani.

Carlos Ramírez has been named general manager of Parish Line Bistro, the soon-to-open rooftop dining hot spot in Old Metairie.

He said that they took a lot into consideration when designing the atmosphere of the rooftop restaurant bar. A firepit, TV wall, and a bar are all located on the rooftop to give customers an area to hang out, relax and socialize.

“I think it will be very unusual for this area, but very nice,” said Corchiani. Parish Line Bistro is currently hiring employees and the restaurant is expected to start serving customers by mid-September. Carlos Ramírez was hired as the general manager of the soon-to-be dining spot. Ramirez has years of experience in the food service industry.

“I’m excited to be part of this project,” Ramírez said. “I live in Metairie and I know people here want nearby opportunities to have a great meal, glass of wine, cocktail or beer. Parish Line will offer up a great, service-oriented experience. You’ll be able to meet your friends, settle in for a while and enjoy an evening inside or on the roof.”

Anyone interested in working at Parish Line Bistro can apply online