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METAIRIE, La. — Flash flooding caused issues for many people in Metairie Monday afternoon.

In some spots, it took hours for the water to drain.

“Whenever we get a heavy rain, this is one of the first streets to flood and it’s one of the last ones to drain,” said Frank Palermo.

Palermo lives on Aris.

When the water gets high, neighbors put out caution tape to close the road. They worry about drivers making the situation worse.

“The neighbors down the block, the water was all the way up to the slab of their house. They only had three or four more inches before the water would get into their house,” Palermo said.

On Focis Street, a car stalled out and had to be towed. Neighbors believe drivers do not realize how deep the water is coming off of Vets.

“The water does not drain in that drainage,” said Michael Brunell. “I walked and put my foot in the water and it’s not sucking water.”

When his road starts flooding, drivers cut through his yard to avoid stalling out.

“Common sense isn’t around anymore,” Brunell said. “He was pealing out and the car’s tires were spinning to get out of here.”

Residents are bracing for more rain, but like so many others, they’re also calling for leaders to upgrade the drainage system.