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METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — Paris Hatcher, a local entrepreneur, has always loved fashion but never would have expected to have her own clothing line. It took years of trying different careers to figure out what she really wanted to do. In 2011, Hatcher attempted to start her journey of becoming an owner of her own online fashion boutique “My Classy Closet,” but different obstacles in her life made it difficult for her to stay consistent. During that time, Hatcher put more emphasis on finishing graduate school and traveling for other careers. It was difficult for her to give the business the full attention that it needed to grow.

It wasn’t until 2018 that Hatcher set her mind to follow through with investing in herself and in her dreams. It was a rough year for her. Her father passed away in 2018 from lung cancer. Hatcher said that she remembers telling her father prior to his passing that she wanted to relaunch her online boutique. After telling him what she wanted to do, she said it pushed her to follow through with her idea.

“It really pushed me to continue to do it in his honor because that’s all you need, you need someone who believes in you and trusts your vision.”

Hatcher said that although her father didn’t understand the online business, he believed in her. “I just wanted to make him proud and I feel like I have accomplished that,” said Hatcher. Since then, her online boutique has grown and continues to grow.

Now that Hatcher feels successful in what she aimed to do, she said she wants to help people who need help with that extra push to start up their own businesses.

“I know what it means to be in your head, to overthink, I know what it means to look at other people online and see them excelling in something you know you can do but you really just have a blockage right now.”

Hatcher started another business called The PMH Collection where she produces prayer journals for Women and Men. I really wanted to produce something that has helped me for over a decade and share with people that this is what works, write in the vision and make it happen.”

Paris also said that she offers private shopping experiences. Anyone interested can contact her at or direct message her on Instagram.

She says it took a lot of patience to get to where she is today. “It may not happen at the time you wanted it to, but trust and believe and have faith and do the work and know that it will happen,” said Hatcher.