METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — A rush to get tested for COVID-19 stretches across parishes. 

Dozens of cars lined up on Veterans Memorial Blvd. Monday morning to get tested for the virus at Johnny Bright Playground.

Some in the line say they’re not sick but want to get tested as a result of the recent surge in cases.

“It’s rampant, and we work in a restaurant, and we want to be safe,” explained Rhonda Madach, who was in line to be tested. 

Some celebrated Christmas a little differently this past week and are hoping their test results reflect their choices. 

“We had a very intimate family Christmas; however, we still feel like we want to keep things on the safe side,” said Sandra Hanson, who joined her sister in getting tested. 

Monday’s line spanned about five blocks with some waiting nearly two hours before reaching the front of the line. 

“So many people are having COVID tests come back positive, so many,” said Madach. “It’s only wise, and a lot of people here feel the same way. I see the line.”

Some people who were tested cannot stress it enough: it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“We’re healthy, but we don’t want to give it to my grandchildren or my friends,” said Madach.

Because of demand, Jefferson Parish officials are opening an additional testing site at Bonnabel Boat Launch, starting tomorrow. 

The Louisiana National Guard is rearranging the Alario Center in Westwego to increase the number of cars that can be accommodated.

Plus, Accu Reference Medical Lab will have more staff available at Johnny Bright Playground, and the line will be rearranged into three lanes.