KENNER, La (WGNO)— Kenner Police say recently installed license plate recognition cameras played a big role in the arrest of two suspects accused of killing a maintenance man.

Last week, Kenner Police Department’s new Flock Security Cameras which are automated license plate readers proved to be highly effective, nabbing the two suspects within 24 hours of the shooting.

66-year-old Lawrence Herr was shot and killed in a drive-by assault while he was outside installing a mailbox on Georgetown Drive.

The suspects 23-year-old Tahj Matthews and 25-year-old Maurice Holmes‘ car kept showing up frequently on the cameras. Images were able to capture the license plate number.

“They are not your typical security cameras. They are motion-activated cameras that take a still image of the back of vehicles and their license plates,” Holly Beilin, Flock Safety Camera Spokesperson said.

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Kenner Police say that hours later they tracked down the suspects on W. Esplanade.

“About 70 percent of crimes are committed with a vehicle. So getting the license plate and getting those details, that’s one of the most useful leads a detective can have,” Beilin said.

This crime-fighting tool is proving to be extremely accurate and quick.

“It is an additional piece of objective evidence. No bias included. No eyewitness testimony required objective evidence that law enforcement can use to solve a crime,” Beilin said.

Kenner Police say they installed around 55 of these Flock Safety cameras. They have been up since February of this year.

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