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START, La. (KTVE/KARD)— There’s nothing like being home for the holidays, and when United States soldier Kelvin Green learned he would return home one week away from Christmas day; he and his wife Kanisha Green decided to give their sons the surprise of a lifetime.

Since March 2021, Jakhari and Devin Green have communicated with their father via zoom calls and Facetime. Little did they know, their father would return home to Start, Louisiana just before Christmas from a nine-month deployment in Kuwait.

The brothers were under the impression they would not see their father again until February 2022 and their mother says it was a secret worth keeping.

The boys mother also says the school played a major role in helping them cope with her husband’s deployment.

“They helped us out tremendously. By keeping the boys motivated. Keeping them encouraged. They kept them in touch with their Dad, sending care packages, planning, making sure that he was a part of everything that was going on”, said Kanisha.

Devin Green’s 14th birthday is just two days away and says he was surprised to see his father today.

“When it first happened I was just like speechless. I didn’t know what to say. Only thing I could do was bust out in tears and that’s it really”, said Devin Green.

Kelvin says it was extremely hard being away from his family and can’t wait to spend time with his them.

“Me and my kids we usually cook in the kitchen, spend time together watch movies, have guy’s nights,” said Kelvin Green.

This family certainly has a lot to catching up to do and they can’t wait!