LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — An iguana who escaped from her enclosure in Downtown Lafayette was rescued from a tree after being missing for about 24 hours.

Siena Thomas, an educator with Schoolhouse Safari Reptile Encounters, said Rome the iguana lives at her house in Downtown Lafayette. She was in her enclosure when severe weather hit on Wednesday and strong winds blew it over, breaking it open.

Rome was missing for about 24 hours, roaming Downtown Lafayette, until she was found high up in a tree near the corner of Johnston St. and Clinton St. on Thursday. Thomas had to climb a ladder, then climb the tree, shake the tree until Rome crawled down to her, then drop her into a blanket that was being held by Thomas’ boyfriend below.

Schoolhouse Safari Reptile Encounter posted on Facebook after Rome was found, thanking over 100 people who shared a post about her being missing. Rome is living in Thomas’ laundry room until a new enclosure arrives.

The iguana was in the approximate area of the tree that’s circled in the photo below.

Siena Thomas and Rome
(Photo provided by Thomas through Schoolhouse Safari)

Schoolhouse Safari is a small, family-owned business, so all of the reptile ambassadors live at home with Thomas and she said she considers them all as her pets.

“Rome loves her job as an ambassador teaching kids about reptiles and loves to party as well,” Thomas said.

Rome will return to her duties as an ambassador next week. Visit Schoolhouse Safari’s website for information on educational reptile encounters.