MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – With midterm elections less than a month away – we’re taking a look at several of the constitutional amendments on the Louisiana November ballot.

ULM political science professor, Joshua Stockly, breaks down amendments 2, 6 and 8. 

“The second amendment is asking voters to consider a tier for property tax exemptions based on the level of your disability.

The current system says, if you are 100 percent unemployable, 100 percent disabled, then you receive a property tax exemption of $200.000. This amendment would actually say that you would receive a full exemption on your home.” 

Amendment number 6 has nothing to do with the exchange of property or the sale property. If you buy a home you are on the hook for that newest assessment. It currently applies to homeowners who don’t transfer their property to anybody else. 

The fact that we have this specific amendment to New Orleans, it was a reaction post Katrina. They said, ‘hey, let’s help New Orleans Parish out with these property taxes’. 

Unfortunately because property taxes and homestead exemption are written into the constitution, the only way to help New Orlean Parish out is the constitution amendment. 

The 8 amendment asks voters to determine whether disable individuals and their spouses should they have to annually recertify what their income is because the constitution does put $100.000 gross income as their current maximum eligibility benefit.”

For a detailed break down of the amendments, click here.