Growing development in Ascension causes growing concern over flood risk


"Proper procedures and protocols aren’t being done. It’s all about making a buck.”

PRAIRIEVILLE, La. (BRPROUD)– Fast-growing development in Ascension Parish has caused growing concern about flood risk.

Many people believe the progress is great, however, things just need to slow down so drainage and flooding can be addressed.

Longtime Resident Mike Massey said, “Proper procedures and protocols aren’t being done. It’s all about making a buck.”

Ascension Parish’s population is booming and development projects are popping up left and right.

Longtime Resident Matthew Hayward said, “All over there was mostly wood and stuff like that, but it’s now houses and developments. It’s really grown as a community.”

Although some were in favor of the growth, concern did rise.

Massey said, “They’ve just been building subdivisions as fast as they can build them. they are throwing them up. I hear a lot of complaints that the houses are not holding up, and are way overpriced. It’s creating traffic and flooding problems.”

Longtime residents Tristen Keller and Mike Massey live right across from a newly built subdivision.

Keller said, “I noticed the rain floods off of the subdivision and the yard used to dry up pretty quick, but now that you have all this access water coming down from the subdivision the yard stays wet.”

“Now with a heavy rain everything piles up and this woman over here can’t get into her house. She has to park on the road,” said Massey.

They also said drainage upkeep being a big issue.

Keller said,”Instead of just flowing through a normal path it just builds up because there’s nowhere for the water to go.”

They said something must be done.

“I think what should be done. Should’ve already been done and that is before you allow one of these to be built. you see what the impact on the area is going to be because you’re making big changes,” said Massey.

President Clint Cointment said in a statement that he’s working with agencies to open new drainage systems to help improve the community.

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