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BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Governor John Bel Edwards has vetoed a bill that would allow people 21 and older to conceal carry a firearm without a permit or training.

The bill by Senator Jay Morris would take away the requirement to have a permit to conceal carry a firearm. Under current law, a person would have to take nine hours of a training course and pay fees in order to get the permit. Louisiana is an open-carry state already, which means people over 18 can carry a firearm visibly without a permit. The bill outlined that the State Police would create an hour-long online training video people could view if they wanted

The Governor said throughout the legislative session he is against the removal of the permit and training. Those for the bill have called it “constitutional carry” and believe the requirements for the permit infringe on the Second Amendment.

With this most recent veto it has renewed calls for a veto override session. Multiple groups have already asked for the session to over turn the veto on the transgender athlete bill.

“Disappointing veto from a Governor who ran on a pro2A platform! Now it’s time for the legislature to make history by allowing an override session to happen and overriding his vetoes LA citizen’s constitutional rights matter. Their voice must be heard!” Representative Blake Miguez, the Republican leader of the House, said in a tweet.

In order to have a veto override session, at least half the House or Senate need to be in support.