NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Louisiana representative Steve Scalise has been elected as House Majority Leader after running uncontested.

“He is in charge of counting votes, setting agenda, and he can definitely influence legislation and corralling votes to support initiatives that not only he but the party considers a priority,” said Xavier University Sociology Professor Dr. Silas Lee.

He says the fact that no one ran against Scalise shows the support congress has for him.

“If you have opposition that means your colleagues feel that someone else is just as capable or might be more capable than you but he was elected with no opposition and that reaffirms the confidence that his colleagues have in him to get the job done,” Dr. Lee explained.

That support could translate well for Louisiana.

“Steve Scalise is someone who is powerful, now he’s going to be more powerful and this is a state that needs a lot of federal help, this is a poor state, we need projects, we need funding and now we’ve got someone in a position for someone to deliver big time for Louisiana,” explained political analyst Jeff Crouere.

With former President Trump’s annoucement to run for president, the state stands to benefit even more.

“If he does get elected I think it’s very good news because he loves Steve Scalise and I think he has a good working relationship with scalise and I think that would behove the state of Louisiana,” said Crouere.

Scalise has been in congress since 2008. The new congress is set to be sworn in inJanuary.

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