LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KLFY)– A Lafayette Parish woman admits she had drugs in her system when she found her infant unresponsive in her home.

It happened in March on the 100 block of Resha Road.

The infant, who was under the age of 1, was transported to a local hospital where he later died.

Now months after his death, a grand jury has indicted his mother, Brooke Blanchard and her boyfriend Brady Leblanc, on charges of second-degree murder.

News Ten Rodricka Taylor sat down with Blanchard as she recalls that day.

“I’m trying so hard to prove my innocence because I know I didn’t do it and I don’t like being looked at as my baby’s killer.”

Brooke Blanchard says she was asleep when her boyfriend Brady Leblanc woke up to say he son was unresponsive in the home.

“All I could do was panic because I just woke up, and I was trying to find my phone and call 911. I called them and had them walk me through CPR,” Blanchard said.

The details she shares next are shocking.

“He was laying there naked and he didn’t have a diaper on or anything and he was just looking at the ceiling and struggling to breathe.”

Today she still wonders, what happened!

“Like why was he out of his playpen and why was he on the floor naked and didn’t have anything on?”

Blanchard said she taken by law enforcement and learned that her son had injuries she did not see.

“They showed me pictures of his bottom and it was blister blue purple whatever I don’t know what he did down there.”

She says through an examiner report, she learned her son had more injuries.

“They listed that he had been tortured. He had an eye injury, brain bleeds, a cracked skull, and then everything down there which still haunts me.”

Blanchard tells News Ten that she and her boyfriend were on drugs the day her son died.

“I was only using meth, that’s what I thought I was using but it was mixed with fentanyl and angel dust.”

She says soon after her father’s death she got addicted to it.

“I kept using because I was so addicted to it, but I kind of had a funny feeling I shouldn’t be sleeping on meth, but I just kept using because I needed that kind of meth fix but it wasn’t just meth.”

Blanchard says since reports came out, the negative comments about her have been difficult to get over.

“A lot of people knew who I was, but they are turning against me because of what they are hearing about everything, but I’m here like I wouldn’t kill my son. Yall know how I was with my babies. I loved my babies.”

She now wonders if there is anything she could have done to save her son.

“There are so many should of could of would of that I think about or the what if, but nothing would ever bring him back no matter how much better I get in life, no matter how much I try to get away from the past, my son will never be there.”