LOUISIANA (KLFY) – The Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church met in a special session Saturday to approve the votes of dozens of churches to officially disaffiliate from the U.M.C.

Reverend Adam Moore is a pastor at Coopers Chapel U.M.C. and Loranger U.M.C. in Loranger, Louisiana.

His churches are one of dozens disaffiliating from the U.M.C.

“We had gone through a discernment process to decide whether or not we should or should not leave with the help of the holy spirit,” Moore said.

A two-thirds vote was finalized at Saturday’s special conference session. The reasoning for the official disaffiliation is based on the differing ideologies some churches hold regarding the full inclusion of L.G.B.T.Q.+ people. More specifically gay marriage being accepted in the church.

“They made the decision to leave based on the leadership that was happening inside of the United Methodist Church,” Moore said. “Now, LGBTQ and human sexuality was a presenting issue in those.”

Asbury United Methodist in Lafayette is still affiliated. Reverend John Cannon shared his thoughts on the issue the other churches have.

Cannon said, “I am sad that they feel like they have to leave. I wish they would stay.”

Cannon said his church is not looking to change its outlook and want to accept all perspectives.

“What we are interested in is making sure that we are a congregation that everyone knows without a doubt that they are welcome,” Cannon said.

In total, there are over 400 U.M.C. churches in Louisiana. The majority of the churches in the state have decided to remain affiliated with U.M.C. Those who officially disaffiliate will leave on Dec. 31st.