‘Cara the python’ has been found — follow her Twitter page to see where she’ll be next!



In a social media post on Thursday morning, Blue Zoo Baton Rouge announced that Cara has been found, safe and healthy!

BATON ROUGE, La. — Perhaps she’s perusing the snakeskin handbags in one of the shops, looking for a mate.

Wherever she is, a female python named “Cara” escaped earlier this week from the Blue Zoo Baton Rouge, which is inside the Mall of Louisiana, and she hasn’t been seen since.

Her zookeepers say she’s friendly, and not likely to wrap herself around any of the shoppers. Still, they haven’t stopped looking for her, even using an HVAC company to “snake cameras” through the vents.

Here’s the official update from Blue Zoo Baton Rouge:

“Friends, while our day and night search for Cara continues, we want to give you a quick update. We’ve brought in multiple snake experts to assist in the search, in addition to an animal tracker that is working with us throughout the evening and overnight. Local firefighters and police searched with us for several hours during the day yesterday. We’ve purchased night vision cameras to see more difficult areas, in addition to multiple motion sensor cameras. We’ve hired a company using infrared, additionally, local plumbing and HVAC companies continue to snake cameras throughout all possible openings and small areas. We have heat and food sources to draw her in as well and have a veterinarian on standby. Additionally, our Animal Care and Guest Relations Teams have been amazing, working day and night. We all love Cara and their dedication and passion for her return is evident. We have seen evidence of Cara moving within our ceiling space, which has many places for her to hide. We continue our search for Cara and remain voluntarily closed today for her safety. We’ll keep you updated.”

Meantime, someone with a sense of humor has created a Twitter page for Cara.

Her bio reads: “Just let me shop and no one gets hurt.”

Check it out @Carathepython.

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