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BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Kerry Miller is the attorney representing the mother of LSU student Madison Brooks, 19. Miller says the defense representing the suspects in this rape case are victim blaming.

“The only reason why I’m speaking right now is is Maddie’s legacy and her mom are not going to be blamed,” said Miller. “This blame-the-victim campaign is got to stop. We’re going to stand up for Maddie.”

Four suspects are charged with raping Brooks moments before she was hit and killed by a car.

When she got to the hospital, Brooks had a blood alcohol level four times the legal limit.
Ron Haley is representing some of the suspects. He says the sex was consensual.

“They knew she was really drunk, and two people proceeded to rape her in the back of the car,” said Miller.

Miller says Brooks had too much to drink and consent was impossible.

“Under Louisiana law, that kind of rape, is rape,” he said.

Surveillance video shows Brooks crossing the street to meet up with the men before the alleged rape. Miller says the video has nothing to do with the rape.

“To take a two-second video out of a course of a four or five-hour evening, I think is really unfair and doesn’t show anything, as far as I’m concerned,” said Miller.

He adds a video shown in court of Brooks slurring words proves she could have not given consent.

One suspect Kaivon Washington, 18, is now accused of raping another girl in 2020 in Livingston Parish. Detectives say Washington allegedly raped a 12-year-old when he was 15.

Miller says the defense said they would not try the case with press conferences but did so to distract from the arrest in Livingston Parish.

“It’s to distract from the real facts and evidence in the case,” he said.

Miller says the family wants to remember Madison for her legacy and not the moments leading up to her death.

“The end goal is making sure that everyone who is responsible is held accountable,” he said.

The Brooks family plans to launch a foundation in her honor. Mills says the foundation will focus on bringing awareness and providing funding for safety features for young women on college campuses.